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How are producing forums or communities helpful? 

Think about

  • How can online communities support my learning and projects?

  • How can I learn from or contribute to online communities?

Forums and online communities can be great for getting help from others.  Let’s take a look at what’s available!

Get Started

Choose one of the forums to answer the following questions

Discuss the answers to these questions with someone in your community:

  • What types of topics or questions are discussed in this forum or group?
  • What are the most typical “tags” used? 
  • What are the most popular topics in the forums & groups?
  • How basic or advanced are the discussions? 
  • Which existing posts can be helpful to you in a current or future project?

Going Further

Let’s take a look at how this forum or community works:

  • How do you search for a topic that you need help with?
  • How do you use tags to find related topics?
  • How is all the information organized?
  • What other features of the forum or community can be helpful to you?


Take a look at some of the other forums and communities and answer these questions. Do you notice any similarities or differences?

Show and Share What you Learned

  1. Take a screenshot  OR link to a forum or community post that you think can help you.
  2. Type or share a video selfie answering the following questions about the post:
    1. What is the main topic of the post?
    2. What tags, if any, are used for the post?
    3. What types of ratings or comments did the post get? 
    4. How can the post be helpful to you? 



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