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What are LittleBits?

LittleBits makes technology kits that are fun, easy-to-use, and infinitely creative. The kits are composed of electronic building blocks that are color-coded, magnetic, and make complex technology simple and fun. – From the LittleBits website

What does this have to do with music?

In collaboration with Korg, LittleBits has a synth kit that includes building blocks with varied musical functions such as oscillators or filters. This makes it very doable to create instruments with the littleBits.

What do I need to use LittleBits for musical engagement?

You can purchase additional “bits” but the synth kit has all the parts you need to get started

Getting Started

How do I set up the LittleBits to make music?

In the spirit of play and discovery learning, we suggest trying things out to see what happens and how the order in which sequence the building blocks impact the instruments you create.

But, if you get stuck and need some direction or just prefer to follow directions, here are some resources:

Read the littleBits Synth booklet (with directions)

Watch this short demonstration by MusicRadar:

Watch Building a Synth РBit by Bit from SciFri

Learn how to tune your littleBits Synth Oscillator – David Hilowitz

Next Steps

What else can I do with littleBits and Music?

You can make your synth more permanent with the littleBits Synth Pro Station kit.

Take a look at this tutorial for connecting instruments to your synth.

Explore aspects of sound design with your littleBits synth.

Explore sequencing concepts with your littleBits synth.

Expand the connectivity of your synth for more advanced instrument design with USB audio, MIDI, and CC

littleBits Communities

littleBits forum

How can I facilitate musical engagement and learning with littleBits?

We will be contributing additional resources here. In the meantime take a look at what other people suggest.

Making music with littleBits – Mary Glendening and Isaac Glendening

Teaching design thinking with littleBits – Nick Weinberg

Create and Perform a song with littleBits – littleBits

Modeling the human vocal tract with your synth –¬†Erin from littleBits education team

Get Inspired! Examples of littleBits + Music Projects

littleBits music projects

Synth Spin Tables

Littlebits Electraccordian Guitar

littleBits Broomstick Guitar

Additional information on how to build a littleBits Broomstick Guitar