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Nils Lofgren Composes and Performs with Arcadia High School CMAS Program

Students in Arcadia High School’s Contemporary Music and Sound (CMAS) program collaborated with rock guitarist, Nils Lofgren to create a new music video for Lofgren’s song Miss You Ray. Lofgren has a long and illustrious career as a professional guitarist and is probably best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band. CMAS students produced, directed, and appeared in the video. Additionally, a number of students involved with the Media Communications program were involved with production work related to the video.

Lofgren’s song, Miss You Ray is part of his 2011 album, Old School. This video has been released by Lofgren’s record company in anticipation of an upcoming promotional campaign to support the album. You can see the video below and hear Lofgren talk about his experience working with the Arcadia High School Students.

Congratulations to the CMAS students and faculty members Richard Maxwell, the creator and facilitator of the CMAS program, and Paul Hoeprich of Arcadia’s Media Communication Program.

Miss You Ray Video

Nils Lofgren discussing his collaboration with CMAS