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Identifying and Communicating Pitch

Think About

How do we identify the pitch of a sound?

How do we communicate the pitch of a sound?

Get Started

  • Read about pitch here if you’re not sure what it is in music.
  • Find objects of different sizes. Strike or tap them with something.
  • Can you use your ear to organize them from lowest to highest pitch?

Go Further

Let’s find out what music notes you have with the objects you found.

You can measure them with this free online tuner.

What notes do you have?

Think About

  • Are there any relationships between the size and the pitch of the objects you measured using the tuner?
  • How about between the materials the objects are made out of and the pitch?

Go Even Further [separate XP?]

Create a melody with the pitches you have.

Share What You Learned

Share a short video of you playing your objects from lowest to highest pitch.

[go even further] Share the notes names. Share a recording of your melody.