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We listen to music in different places throughout the course of a day, week, year, or lifetime. Does the place where you listen impact your experience of the music or the place?

Where do you listen?

  1. Listen to music of your choice anywhere you like
  2. Take a selfie 
  3. Share it via social media with info on the music and where you are listening
  4. Use #wherewelisten & #StCeciliasDay
  5. Please share it with us on the Appear! Inspire! A Celebration of Music Facebook Event Page

Listen to Hymn to St. Cecilia

You can listen to the Hymn to St. Cecilia anywhere.

  1. Listen to some of these recorded performances of Hymn to St. Cecilia by Benjamin Britten
  2. Listen in different places /outside and inside / in light and in dark / with earbuds and with speakers / in nature or surrounded by human development
  3. Take a selfie
  4. Share it via social media with info on where you listened 
  5. Use #wherewelisten #Hymn2StCecilia & #StCeciliasDay 

What will it be like to hear it live with the acoustics of a church? Join us on Nov. 22 @ and find out!  Can’t join us physically? Watch for livestreams on Periscope and Facebook with the #StCeciliasDay

Share and Learn #wherewelisten