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Participate in the Appear! Inspire! A Celebration of Music Social Media Zone

Share your experiences of the concert with others!
1) Find a seat in the “Social Media Zone”
2) Use this link to access this information online [if you are reading this online you are already here!]
3) Post thoughts, experiences, or questions to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
4) Feel free to livestream with Facebook Live, Periscope, or YouTube Live 
5) Tag everything with #StCeciliasDay
6) Follow the conversation with others by searching for #StCeciliasDay in your social media platform
7) Share your Facebook posts with the Event Page “Appear! Inspire! A Celebration of Music”
8) Follow the twitter account @CITME_ASU 
9) Please turn the sound off for your mobile device! 
Follow #StCeciliasDay on Twitter below: