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XP 4: How do I build a beat? Part 2

  1. Now, try making your own melody. Use your DAW of choice or use

Need some starting points?

  • It’s usually more fun and interesting to make a melody over some drum parts or a loop so think about adding a loop or drum machine track (in bandlab) and add a new instrument track to use for your melody
  • Mess around with something that is already started, open this bandlab file and do your own thing with it.
    • Once you are signed into BandLab, when you click on the link – click “Fork this revisioin” and then “Open in Mix Editor”
  • Try using only the notes of the black piano keys
  • Try going back and forth between the notes C and G — add an E every once in a while
  • It can also be helpful to loop 4 – 8 bars to get started making your melodies

Share What you Learned

If you are using the LRNG platform:

  • Go back, find out what to submit, and complete the XP
  • If you want, you can then learn even more with the optional “Go Further!” activities below

If you are not using the LRNG platform:

  • Continue below and share with your teacher or organization:

Sharing What You Learned

  • Write a short post about how you made a melody for your beat. If you want, share a link to the melody you made

Go Further

(0ptional) Check out how a producer makes a melody and then practice making something similar

Move On

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