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Where should I share my beats for others?

If you want people to find and listen to your beats, it helps to know where and how to share them!

Think About

  • Where do people share beats so others can hear them?
  • Where are the best places to share beats and why?
  • How can you get more people to listen to or discover your music?

Get Started

Go to or and do the following:

  1. Search for a genre, style of music, hashtag (for example #trap or #oldschool) or artist that you like
    1. [NOTE: Be conscious that soundcloud and bandcamp contain music that some people consider inappropriate for certain contexts – please be respectful of your context]
  2. Observe the search results
  3. Listen to several of the tracks that appear [please be respectful of your context]
  4. When you find an artist you like, click on their profile
  5. See what other social media sites the artist links to on their profile
  6. Think about and answer the following questions
  • Why do you think artists share their music on these platforms?
  • What makes these platforms useful for sharing music?
  • What is your experience as the listener when you use SoundCloud or Bandcamp?
  • How do these platforms compare to other ways you listen to music?

Share What you Learned

If you are using the LRNG platform:

  • Go back, find out what to submit, and complete the XP
  • If you want, you can then learn even more with the optional “Go Further!” activities below

If you are not using the LRNG platform:

  • Continue below and share with your teacher or organization:

Sharing What You Learned

  • Discuss in text or video selfie answers to some of the questions from step 6

Next Steps

Return to the XP How can I share my beats with others?