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XP 5: How can I arrange my beats?

This is a mini-playlist for XP5: How can I arrange my beats?

This mini-playlist is designed to help you get started arranging beats so that they sound organized and cohesive.

To get started we are going to focus mostly on the skill of counting beats and bars so you can figure out when to start and stop different parts of your beat.

All XPs in this mini-playlist are mandatory for completing XP5 and the Getting Started Making Beats Music Learning Playlist.

If you are using the LRNG platform, you only need to submit what appears on the “What to Submit” on the LRNG page for this XP. 

Start Here 5A How can I count beats and bars? [mandatory]

5B How can I organize or arrange a beat and perform it live? [mandatory]

Share What you Learned

If you are using the LRNG platform:

  • Go back, find out what to submit, and complete the XP

If you are not using the LRNG platform:

  • Continue below and share with your teacher or organization:

Sharing What You Learned

  • Share an audio or video recording of you performing a beat you arranged while counting beats and bars (using the online launchpad).

Want to level up? 

Level up by sharing something more advanced:

Add the following to your video:

  • Plan 3 different times when you will start one of the parts of the beat on Beat 1 of whatever bar you want
  • At the beginning of the video tell us your plan and what beat and bar you will start each of the three parts of the beat
    • You might want to write it down in a way that makes sense to you – you can show us your arrangement on the video if you like
  • The beat you play should follow the arrangement you made
  • You will probably need to practice several times to play your arrangement accurately

Next Steps

After you finish both XPs on this mini-playlist:

Return to the Getting Started Making Beats Music Learning Playlist