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XP 4: What skills will help me improvise and jam?

 Some people believe that only some people have a “natural talent” for improvising or that only people who are excellent on an instrument or voice can improvise. These are myths. Anyone can jam or improvise! Practicing some basic skills will help you become more comfortable improvising and jamming over time. 

Think About

  • What are some skills that can help me improvise and jam?
  • Besides making up music on the spot, what can I practice to help me improvise and jam?

Get Started

  1. Choose any two of the following skills to learn more about and practice.
  2. You might want to take a look at each option in the list to figure out which ones are of most interest
  3. To complete this XP (and the getting started improvising and jamming playlist) you only need to do two of the following options,  but you are welcome to do more if you like:

Option A. How can I listen when I improvise and jam?

Option B. How can I use beat and rhythm in my jamming?

Option C. How can I find and keep the beat in my jamming?

Option D. How can I use pitch and melody in my jamming?

Option E. How can I use sound effects and timbre in my jamming? 

Share What you Learned

If you are using the LRNG platform:

  • Go back, find out what to submit, and complete the XP
  • If you want, you can then learn even more by trying out additional options

If you are not using the LRNG platform:

  • Continue below and share with your teacher or organization:

Sharing What You Learned

  • Provide a written, audio, or video description of how you developed two basic skills for jamming
  • Include some “proof” by submitting an example of what you did in each of the options you completed

Go Further!

Try out more of the options in this XP


Move On

Return to the Getting Started Jamming and Improvising Music Learning Playlist