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Here are some resources to learn more about the Makey Makey:

What is the Makey Makey?

The Makey Makey is a device which enables you to create a “controller” or “triggering device” out of any material that can conduct electricity including metal, fruit, etc. It works by completing an electrical circuit through the conductive material and triggering actions that are determined by the way you or someone else sets up related software. 

What can I do with a Makey Makey?

  1. Take a look at some of the instruments and interfaces created with a Makey Makey in this video:

2. Take a look at the instruments and interfaces in the Makey Makey project gallery.  

  • At the bottom of each page click “older posts” to see more videos
  • If you want to view a larger version of the videos, click on the “YouTube” icon in the bottom right corner of each video.

3. Look at one or more of the following Makey Makey instrument and interface projects:

4. Look through one or more of the following Makey Makey Guides (choose one that involves sound or music)

Next Steps

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