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How can I set up a Makey Makey to create an instrument? 

This XP focuses on setting up your Makey Makey to create an instrument.

Think About

  • How do I want to control my Makey Makey instrument?
  • What type of music would I like to create with my Makey Makey instrument?
  • What do I need to do for my Makey Makey to make sound?

Get Started

Step. 1 Gather what you need to use a Makey Makey for musical engagement

  1. Wires/alligator clips for connecting objects to act as instrument controls (up to 10)
  2. Conductive objects such as (people, fruits & vegetables, copper tape, soft graphite etc.) to use as instrument controls
  3. Mini USB Cable
  4. Laptop with USB Input
  5. An application that lets you assign sounds/music to computer keys (i.e. Soundplant, Scratch, or Ableton Live)

Step 2. Set up the Makey Makey

How do I set up the Makey Makey to make music?

1) Interact with this basic set up to get started (from Makey Makey)

2) Watch the following video (start at 1:00 for a focus on setting up)

3) Watch this explanation from 0:00 – 2:24 about how the Makey Makey works with completing a circuit:

 4). If you haven’t already done so, use the resources in the guides and videos to set up your Makey Makey and see what it can do.

Share What You Learned

  1. Upload a short video demonstrating how you set up and connected your Makey Makey.

Next Steps

Curious about learning more? 

Go Further! (optional) Try experimenting with some more advanced ways of using the Makey Makey to make sound


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