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How can I build community with music where I live?

It doesn’t take much to start building community with others. Decide you want to make it happen and then make it happen! 

Think About

  • What does it take to build community with others through music?
  • Who can I make music with?

Get Started

  1. Review the characteristics of Son Jarocho and Fandangos that help build community through music
  2. Find 2 – 10 other friends, family, or people in your community who will commit to making music together
  3. Pick a meaningful song you all want to learn together
  4. Meet up 3 times (or more) to practice and make music together
    1. There is no need to perform the music for others but feel free to invite others to participate!
  5. When you meet up, also talk about the song and how it relates to your lives
  6. Let each other know how the song is meaningful to you
  7. Do something fun together at least once after you sing together

Share What you Learned

  • Share an audio or video clip of where you describe what it is like to get together and sing with other people 
  • Briefly describe, how this is a way of connecting music, culture, and community

Next Steps

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