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What does a producer do?

Think About

  • What does a producer do?
  • What types of producing do you want to know more about and be able to do?
  • What parts or producing music do you want to know more about and be able to do?

Get Started

Be a producer by experimenting with mixing music on Mix.JS 

See if you can figure out what the different controls do.

Go Further

Who gets to be called a producer? People have a lot of different opinions of what producers do. 

Find out more about what producers do by watching the following videos. Think about what types of producing you might want to do.


Now that you have some perspectives about different ways of being a producer, what type of producing do you think the mix.js activity is?

What other ways are there to be a producer?

Share What you Learned

Give a brief description of what you think producers do. 

Discuss what parts of producing you think are most interesting to you.

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