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Sound Explorations Playtesting – “Share What You Learn” Content

The share what you learn component of each XP is designed as a form of assessment and opportunity for learner reflection to check on progress, growth, and learning. 

For this playtesting study – it is not required that youth submit content for the “Share what You Learn” part of each XP with us.

1) As a teacher/organization please decide how you would want to facilitate the “share what you learn” content

  • For instance, youth participants can share with you using whatever mechanism you wish
  • For instance, youth participants can use the comment submission box at the end of the XP

2) For any media content to be submitted, the youth participant or you (depending on their age and school/organizational policies) would need to first upload the content to a media platform such as SoundCloud, Bandlab, YouTube etc. and then link to that content in the comment box. 

3) It is up to each school or org to determine what is most appropriate for the youth participants and program

4) We are also curious about your perspectives on forms of assessment that balance checking for understanding without taking away from the informality and interest in the playlist itself