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How do I get started making a beat? Part 1

There’s no one “right” way to get started making beats. Here are a couple of ways that others get started. Try them out and see what works for you.

Get Started

Here are three ways you can get started making a beat.

  1. Messing around with sound right away
  2. Listening to a beat you like and trying to make your own version
  3. Using tutorials to learn how to make a type of beat

We’re going to start with. . .

Messing Around With Sound Right Away

Check out these apps that let you get started making a beat right away. Experiment with each one to figure out what you like best.

Groove Pizza

Splice Sounds BeatMaker

WebAudio Drum Machine

Infinite Drum Machine

Type Drummer



Share What You Learned

  1. Write a brief post or share a video selfie that explains which apps you liked best.
  2. How did the apps help you get started making a beat? 
  3. What other resources or information do you think would be helpful?