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CITME Curated Resources

Building Drum Racks

Access our other curated resources for using Ableton Live and Ableton Push.

How to Build a Soundpack with Mad Zach*

* Note: This video includes a beer bottle being used throughout the video

Sampling vinyl for soundpacks In the Studio with Mad Zach – DJ Tech Tools (make sure to watch the video as well as read through the website)

Ableton Drumception: Cycling Samples With A Nested Drum Rack

Ableton Live Tutorial: Create Custom Drum Racks – MusicTech

Building Drum Racks  Sound on Sound tutorial

How to Create and Use a Drum Rack in Ableton Live – SoundFly

3 Ways To Layer Kicks Using Ableton Drum Racks – StudioSlave

The Last Drum Rack You’ll Ever Have to Make – Ableton Live Tutorial – Dubspot

Ableton Tutorial: Trap Music Patterns – How to Build an Instrument Rack for Drum Programming Pt 1 – DubSpot

You Suck at producing: Drum Racks – Underbelly / You Suck at Producing

How To Sample in Ableton Live 9 Tutorial (EASY) Part 1 | Sampling, Slicing Samples – TCustomz Productionz