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Welcome to Sound Explorations: Creating, Expressing, Improving Communities.

This is our Getting Started Producing Music Learning Playlist.

This playlist is in process of being developed so you are seeing draft versions. 

Before Starting Read This First

1) You are about to try out something called a music learning playlist. Each “track” in the playlist is called a learning experience or “XP”

2) If you see a group # next to an XP, please try out the version that has the group # you were assigned – you can also try out other versions later.

3) The last part of each XP is “Share What you Learned” you can then move on to the next XP in the playlist.

4) We want your opinions and ideas. So, please fill in the survey at the bottom of this page after you try out some of the XPs.


Topic 1: What/Who is a Producer?

All groups try this XP

What does a producer do? (XP 1)

Topic 2: Getting Help

It would help us if you try at least 2 of the Getting Help XPs and let us know what you and don’t like about each one:

Group 1 try this XP

Who can answer my producing questions?  (XP 2 version 1)

Group 2 try this XP

How are forums and communities helpful?  (XP 2 version 2)

Group 3 try this XP

How are forums and communities helpful? (XP 2 version 3)

Topic 7: Mixing

All groups try this XP

Mixing: What does panning do to a mix? (XP 7)

Mixing: What does changing levels do to a mix? (XP 8)


After you try the XPs please give us feedback using this form: