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What do audio files and quality have to do with sharing my music?

Music sharing platforms have different requirements about what type of file you can upload and share. The type of file you use impacts how much space it takes up and the quality of the sound. 

Think About

  • Why does the file size or format matter when I share my music?
  • How does the file size or format impact how the music sounds on different devices (mobile device, laptop, earbuds, stereo speakers, car speakers)?
  • How should I share my music?

Get Started

Read this story on compressed and uncompressed files and see how well you can hear audio quality.

  • Try it with the sound coming from speakers and then try it with the sound coming from earbuds or headphones.
  • Did you hear any differences? If so, what were the differences you heard between each recording of the same song?
  • Do you think sound quality matters to the general public? Why or why not?
  • What factors might impact whether someone could notice the audio quality of what they are listening to?
  • How do your answers to these questions relate to you sharing your music?

Go Further

Watch this video that explains different types of audio formats and files that you might use when making and sharing beats

  • How might this information be useful when you are making decisions about how to share your music?
  • What file format is the majority of music you listen to?
  • How can you find out what type of file format you are listening to?

Go Even Further

Do a poll or survey with your friends to find out the following:

  • What equipment do most of your friends use to listen to music?
  • What types of audio files do most of your friends use to listen to music?
  • What are your friends’ favorite places to listen to music?
  • What is typically happening around your friends when they listen to music?

Share What You Learned

  • Discuss some of the things you might think about before sharing your music
  • Consider things like audio quality, file size, and the people who you want to listen to your music