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How can I share my beats with others? (Part 1)

Think About

Where can you share your beats so others can hear them?

Where are the best places to share them and why?

What are your goals in sharing your music/beats? Who might hear them?

Who do you want to hear your music/beats?

How do you get more people to listen to or discover your music?

Getting Started

If you want people to know about your beats it helps to know how to use social media to share your music with others.

Create a SoundCloud Account

  • If you are at least 13-years old you can start an account (if you are under 18 you will need a parent or legal guardian’s permission to set up the account).
  • Watch this video on how to create a SoundCloud account

Learn How to Upload Music to SoundCloud

  1. Watch this video on how to upload a song to SoundCloud
  2. Watch it again and follow along to upload one of your beats to SoundCloud
  3. The video goes by pretty quickly so you might want to pause (and rewind) for each step

(optional) Learn How to Upload Music To Soundcloud 

Watch this video on uploading music to SoundCloud with additional information to consider:


(Optional) Learn How to Upload A Beat from an Android Mobile Phone to SoundCloud

Watch this video that shows how to upload to Soundcloud with an Android Phone

Note: Android Kingdom says “Zed Archiver,” which is one way of pronouncing “ZArchiver”

Share What You Learned

Describe the process of what it was like to share your music online.