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How can I include sampling in my beat? 

One way to make a beat is by reusing parts of a recording in a creative way.

Think About

  • How can you reuse existing music creatively?
  • When is sampling stealing and not creating?
  • How do producers use samples?
  • How can you tell when music is sampled?

Get Started

  1. Go to the Voice Spinner
  2. “Sample” live audio  in your browser by tapping the mic button and using your voice, an instrument, or whatever you have access to that can make a sound 
  3. Play around with the slider by moving it left and right to speed up and slow down the sample and play it forward and backward
  4. Imagine what it would be like to chop up the recording into smaller parts and then to re-arrange the parts or to use the smaller parts in new and interesting ways.

Go Further

Watch some examples of people discussing and demonstrating how to create beats by sampling:

  1. Watch this video of Pete Rock chopping a sample (a part he took from a recording) into small pieces. He is using a tool called the MPC that lets you assign a pad to a sample:

At 1:48 Pete Rock explains how he gets samples and then how he uses them to make music

What does Pete Rock mean when he says he doesn’t use kicks and snares from libraries? What does this have to do with sampling?

  1. Now, watch this video of 9th Wonder working with a sample on an MPC:

Watch the video again, but this time focus on his fingers when he is using the MPC. Can you follow along to see how he is using the samples?

How is this an example of sampling?

  1. Now, watch this video of DJ Premier making a beat by sampling from 0:00 – 0:50

What is a main difference between how DJ Premier makes the beat from 0:00 – 0:50 and how Pete Rock and 9th Wonder make their beats with samples?


Go Even Further

Create a simple beat and add some sample chops!

  1. Create a simple beat with Chrome Music Labs Rhythm or Groove Pizza or BandLab (drum machine)
  2. Once you are satisfied with your beat open SampleStitch in a new window
    1. It is important to open SampleStitch in a new window since sometimes the other sites will not continue playing if it is in another tab.
  3. You should now have your beat in one window and Samplestitch in another window – so you can see both
  4. With your beat playing, use Samplestitch as if it were an MPC or other sampling instrument and play sample chops over your beat.
  5. Try the different sets of samples from J Dilla, 9th Wonder, and Kanye West – some might work better than others for your beat
  6. Now try, adjusting your beat if you need to fit with the sample chops
  7. Show off what you can do to someone!

Share What You Learned

Upload a link to a short video or audio recording of you performing sample chops over your beat and link