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To get started jamming, sometimes it’s helpful to just play around with sounds and listen to what happens. 

Think about

  • How can I get started jamming?

It helps to have a collection of sounds that go well together.  

Luckily, some tools or instruments are set up (or can be set up) so that no matter what you do, it can sound good!

Get Started

Choose one of the following instruments online to jam with:

  1. Check out the free web app Sampulator 
    1. Experiment with the different keys on your computer keyboard to play the different sounds
    2. Play around with the sounds and listen to what happens
    3. See if you can come up with some interesting patterns 
  1. Check out The Bluesman – You Can Play the Blues app below (created by Greg Hovanesyan)
    1. Click the play button 
    2. Move the cursor over the bars with the note names to jam with the guitar

Go Further


  1. Find someone to play a repeating pattern with Sampulator (make sure the person just keeps playing the same thing over and over again)
  2. Play around with different sounds and patterns while the other person keeps repeating whatever they are playing
  3. Switch roles 

You are both jamming!

The Bluesman – You Can Play the Blues

  1. Instead of using the backing track, find someone who can play an instrument that can play chords
  2. Have that person play a “blues progression” in the key of A
  3. Now use the Bluesman – You Can Play the Blues to jam with the person playing the backing track on their instrument
  4. If you play an instrument, try playing around with the notes listed in the app (HINT – you may need to transpose to play in the same key “A” as the backing track)

You are both jamming!

Share What You Learned

  1. Use a phone or your computer to audio or video record your jamming.
  2. Upload the recording and say what you like about it and what you might do differently next time.

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