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How can I find and access the Arduino IDE to program my instrument?

One way to program an instrument or interface to do what you want it to do is by using the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment).

Think About

How can I have my computer and microcontroller communicate?  

Why do my computer and microcontroller need to communicate?

Get Started

To send computer code from your computer to your microcontroller, you can use the Arduino IDE. An IDE is an integrated development environment. 

1) Find out what an IDE is

Go Further

2) Follow these directions for installing the Arduino IDE software onto your computer.

The instructions are different for Windows and Mac computers, so make sure you use the correct instructions.

Instructions for Windows Computes

If you have a Windows computer, watch this video from the beginning until 3:30. You can also read these instructions.

Instructions for Mac Computers

If you have a Mac computer, watch this video starting at 4:20 (we set it up for you to start at the right spot). You can also read these instructions.

3) Open the downloaded IDE and make a comment

Once you have downloaded the IDE, open it and type a comment by first typing 2 backslashes //  and then typing whatever you like. 

For instance here’s a comment //you are on your way to building an instrument

Share What you Learned

Post a screenshot of the Arduino IDE open with the following comment: //I downloaded and opened the Arduino IDE!!!