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A Starting Point to Get Started Making Beats

The following set of activities and projects are designed as starting points for you and students to explore beat making.

NOTE: Most of the resources can be accessed online and do not need additional software. 

You can also have students use the software and applications available to you through the J Dilla Music Tech Grant.  FL Studio and Ableton work nicely for this set of activities (though learning the software might get in the way of the more exploratory and playful activities).

Suggestions for using the Get Started Making Beats Learning Playlist

  • These activities (also called learning experiences or XPs) are designed so that students can engage at their own pace individually or in small groups OR you can choose to have everyone work on specific activities as a class
  • Each activity is designed to be exploratory, which means that they do not go too far into depth or detail. Think of them as starting points
  • If you want students to share additional materials besides their work, you can have them complete the “submit a post” at the bottom of each learning experience (called XPs in the playlist) to you in whatever format works best for you
  • The activities are designed so that you can spark discussions, ask questions, and jump off into related topics
  • Let us know what additional topics you and the students in your program would l like to explore or learn in more depth

Click the image to go to the Get Started Making Beats Playlist

get started making beats

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