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Add Interest to Your Music by Programming Parameters

Think About

How can you add interest to your music with code? 


Get Started

One way to add interest to your music is by changing aspects of the sound such as how loud or soft something sounds or whether we hear it out of the left or right speaker or earbud. 

Let’s try this out with Sonic Pi 

  1. Open Sonic Pi
  2. Try tutorial 2.2 “synth options” [add screenshot]
  3. Make sure to experiment with changing the volume (amp) and panning (pan)

Go Further (optional)

Copy and paste this code into Sonic Pi  OR Create your own music with Sonic Pi

Experiment with changing the volume (amp) and how the music plays out of the speakers (pan)

Learn More

Learn more about panning. 

Learn more about volume and volume changes.

Share What you Learned

Post sample code from Sonic Pi

Explain what you learned about programming parameters such as volume [amp] or panning [pan]