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AR/VR/XR & Music Education

We are currently critically examining and exploring possibilities of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) for music engagement, learning, and teaching.

AR/VR/XR Initiatives

Act One Virtual Reality Immersive Field Trips

In conjunction with ArtsWork: The Kax Herberger Center for Children and the Arts, we are supporting local non-profit organization Act One understand youth experiences with virtual reality Arts Immersion field trips.

ASU Arts Immersion Research Team

  • PI: Dr. Jill Sullivan
  • ArtsWork Program Manager & Researcher: Kyle Bartlett
  • ArtsWork Director & Liaison (and CO-PI): Dr. Evan Tobias

Team Alumni

  • Alisa Hanson (former ArtsWork Program Manager & Researcher)

VR & Music Learning and Teaching Explorations

We are currently exploring the possibilities of VR for music learning and teaching by designing VR experiences through varied technologies and platforms ranging from engaging with virtual spaces via Oculus to designing visual and sonic assets with free/open-source/low-cost design platforms and related teaching resources.


  • Lead Graduate Researcher: Han-Ning Chen

Team Alumni

  • Corrine Doran Undergraduate Researcher)

What are we learning?

  • Developing Immersive Environments for AR/XR/VR Learning Exhibitions and Portfolios
  • How VR might facilitate musical engagement


Interested in joining the team? See below:

Opportunities for Collaboration & Earning Credit!

Students at ASU can join the initiative and earn credit through our VIP Sound and Music Technologies Lab. Contact Dr. Tobias for information.

Educators interested in collaborating can also earn graduate credit or professional development hours through Action Research.

AR/VR/XR Resources at ASU

Interested in AR/VR/XR at Arizona State University? Check out these initiatives and organizations: